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Sprit Of Chennai

It started pouring relentlessly on December 01, 2015. Within the next two days Chennai almost got engulfed. The trail of destruction and loss were massive, unprecedented. Experts and analysts predicted that it would take months before Chennai limbs back to normalcy. Then the miracle happened. In a spectacular show of grit and resilience the affected people of Chennai just stood up and walked to rebuild their lives as if nothing ever happened to them. There was one more miracle happening simultaneously: Chennaits reaching out to care and share far outnumbered the people who queued up to receive help. That's the spirit of Chennai. It will remain so for eternity.
Starting this year East Coast Monsoon Marathon will
re-live and celebrate this spirit of Chennai every
December, year after year.

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Reach out, touch, care.

Every monsoon is a misery for the Irula tribal people of Arungunam, Madurandakam. East Coast Monsoon Marathon proceeds will go towards constructing an eco-friendly elevated shelter, at least for them to have one dry floor in the entire hamlet during monsoon rains.